Can’t wait for the last day in July to get your SysAdminDay groove on?

Need to see what other IT pros – and their companies – have planned?

Want to brag about how you’re treated on this most glorious of tech days?

Our friends at Spiceworks have created an exclusive forum for SysAdmins around the world to celebrate all things SysAdmin Day. Get ready to talk about SysAdminDay year-round – before, during, and even after the event is a distant (but fond) memory.

Joining the conversation is easy.

  1. Visit the Spiceworks’ SysAdminDay Group.
  2. Click the Login link or the Join Now button.
  3. Set up your free Spiceworks Community account including your custom handle
  4. Find a thread of interest (or create your own), and build out your network of like-minded techies!

Oh, and your Spiceworks account isn’t limited to adding your two cents to just SysAdmin Day discussions. You can talk about any issues or topics that impact your IT world – from helpful tools, tips and software that help get you manage your IT day and new technologies & trends to stay on top of your industry. If you’ve ever been looking for an online destination to share your IT war stories with others on the same battle lines, this is the place where IT all happens!