Gift Ideas?

Without your friendly neighborhood sysadmin, you wouldn’t even be able to see this page, or read and send email. They’re the hard-working men and women who bring you cool new stuff all year (new phones, tablets, laptops, huge monitors, and reliable new computers).
SysAdmins love to spread the wealth – and this year you can return the favor. The following are mere suggestions, but remember: It’s the thought that counts!

Send us your gift ideas!

Approved Gift Ideas

  • Parties, Munchies, Refreshments
  • Cake and Ice Cream party
  • Punch and Pie party
  • Cookies | Brownies. Preferably home-baked, and did I say chocolate?
  • Specialty Food Basket | Gourmet Chocolates | Fruit Basket
  • Energy beverages to keep them going as they work on your problems
  • Case of Bawls | Monster
  • Case of Iced Mocha Cappuccino | Frappuccino
  • Case of Mountain Dew | Dr. Pepper
  • Bottle (or even a case) of their favorite beer or wine
  • Tickets for Baseball | Hockey | Basketball | Football

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